Are you Ready for the Revolution?

Imagine an industrial industry in 2030 where over 50 Billion Assets are connected to the internet. This is the future being predicted by General Electric (GE). GE are focusing on being the leader in an industry that has forecasted investment in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to reach US$60trillion over the next 14 years.

The Industrial Internet of Things applies to commercial & industrial applications and is an extension of the Internet of Things. It is a network of things (physical objects/devices) that exchange data with other connected devices that can provide improved efficiency, safety and economic benefit. Referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 it is rapidly changing the world we live and work in.

Most enterprises (government & private) already have made an investment and are utilising  IIoT  to some extent.  Some examples are Enterprise Networks in the commercial sector, Machine to Machine communications in manufacturing and Intelligent Transport Systems for Road Network Operations.

Whilst you may be participating, is your organisation realising the full benefit of what IIoT can provide?

Do you have a plan or strategy for continuous integration and adoption of services that IIoT can provide?

The deployment of interoperable open based standards solutions will provide organisations with the comfort and security of a broad choice of vendors and applications that can be integrated into one universal system.

Health & Safety, Environmental Impact, Human Resourcing, Risk Management & Operational Costs are areas that can benefit from the Industrial Internet of Things

Not sure where you can benefit? Here are some examples of applications that are relative to most enterprises:

Environment  – monitoring and controlling the quality and  condition of air, water,  soil and the  atmosphere;

Infrastructure  –  urban and rural infrastructure such as road & rail networks, water & waste water systems and power generation & distribution networks can be  monitored & controlled.

Facilities Management – utilising data generated through your connected infrastructure for the predictive scheduling of repairs and maintenance activities.

Manufacturing – by networking manufacturing equipment we can improve asset and situation management, increase the speed of   new product release and respond dynamically to product demands

Energy Management – the integration of all forms of energy consuming devices (e.g Lighting, HVAC, Plug Loads) will lower operating costs whilst assisting the community to balance power and energy usage.

Health & Wellbeing –  monitor the health and wellbeing of team members working in high risk or extreme conditions.

With over sixty years’ experience in electrical and telecommunications infrastructure systems combined with our partnership with Current by GE (GE’s IIoT Business),  Gordon McKay is here to assist you with your Industrial Internet Solution whether you are taking your first step into the Industrial Internet of Things or would like a partner to help you move forward with your current plan.


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