Rob Scowcroft

With the Steward trials seemingly proving to be successful, I thought it was the right time to say thank you to yourself and your team for all the support throughout the last 12 months.

This was Gordon McKay’s job, and, with an extremely tight time frame, your team excelled in bringing it all together for a successful result.

TV lighting often has many hidden complications, which as a designer is up to you to resolve. In some cases, there is not the perfect solution and explanation is required for other people to get an appreciation of the issues. Whilst I never expected you to have an instant understanding of the lighting design issues, you were always sympathetic, appreciative that there was more to it than just a few light fittings on poles. You always listened, a great attribute of any good project manager.

To bring this project together in the time frame allotted, when there will always be bumps and bruises (weather, late suppliers!), is to be admired. It requires a skillful planning, co-ordination and implementation. You displayed all these top qualities.

Your QA was excellent. This was a project that required checks and balances all the way. Small errors, on a job spread over a larger area, can be costly. Your team was very professional and polished with its attention to detail.

Congratulations on a job well done!

It would be wrong of me, if I did not mention Trent. During the aiming process, Trent could not do enough for us. Whether we called him or not, his willingness to assist and seemingly endless energy was faultless. He was a great asset to your team.

I am looking forward to catching up with you again next week, this time in a social sense and not so much a commercial sense. Thank you for the invite. I was flattered that you asked me.

Once again, thank you Rob. It has been great to work with you and your team on the Pakenham project.

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