Policies and Code of Conduct

General Induction – Part 3

The Gordon McKay company policies include:

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Vision Mission and Values
  3. Quality Management Policy
  4. Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  5. Environment Policy
  6. Plant & Equipment Policy
  7. Drug and Alcohol Policy
  8. Company Vehicle Policy
  9. Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Policy
  10. Rehabilitation Policy
  11. Credit Policy
  12. Fatigue Management Policy 
  13. COVID 19 Vaccination Policy

The Gordon McKay company code of conduct includes:

  1. Employee Code of Conduct Form – 009
  2. Fair Work Information Statement – 002
  3. Apprentice Guidelines and Check List – 177
  4. Work Experience Guidelines and Check List -175
  • I confirm that I have read the above documentation and understand the policies/documents and information contained in them.
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
Who we work with
Why we are trusted

We pride ourselves on our standard of work and we have the awards to prove it.

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